Interactive Technology, Inc. is fortunate to have a top quality metalworking fluids supplier – Wallover Oil Company

For the past 200 years cutting fluids have been used extensively in metal cutting operations. Over the course of time, the formulations, properties and functions of the fluids have become more complex. New technology has changed the focus of the fluids from the traditional roles it once filled. Today’s modern metalworking fluids are special blends of chemical additives, lubricants and water, formulated to meet the performance demands of the metalworking industry.

There are several types of cutting fluids on the market today. Approximately 80 to 90 percent of all applications use water miscible fluids which include true solutions, synthetics, semi-synthetics, and soluble oils. Although straight cutting oils once were the product of choice, they still hold a strong presence for certain metalworking applications.

WALLOVER is a leading independent manufacturer of premium metalworking fluids. Their product portfolio includes a diverse line of bio-stable coolants, cleaners, rust preventatives, and drawings and stamping lubricants.

In our next blog post, we will discuss how to properly select a metalworking fluid, based on employee health and safety, material to be machined, and price considerations.