Ways To Avoid Coolant Contamination

Tramp oils (including way lube and hydraulic oil leaks by machinery), minerals in the water and other contaminates in machine coolants are food for bacteria and fungi that cause odors and lower pH.  As bacteria multiply it causes increased corrosion and reduced lubricity.  You’ve heard it said – that the best defense is a strong offense. A way to successfully control bacteria is to skim the waste oil and contaminants with a surface skimming device(C-Thru Separator) to collect waste oil and return the coolant back to the sump.  This can extend the life of the coolant by 50 percent.  Remember you cannot recycle a rancid coolant.  (See Machine Side Filter Unit.)

3 Products to Best Reduce Contaminants

  1. The C-Thru Separator is a unique, patented unit designed to remove solid and liquid contamination from coolants and cleaners throughout the metalworking industries.
  2. Machine Side Filter Unit is a portable filter cart that can be easily moved from machine to machine.  It is effective in reducing the amount of particulate circulating in the machine sump.  With regular fluid maintenance, you can extend the life of your coolant and help minimize coolant waste.
  3. Bag Mag – magnetic filtration for bag filter housings.  Magnetic filtration involves placing high intensity permanent magnetic rods in the fluid path, positioned such that all fluid must pass around the rod. This provides sufficient contact to extract ferrous contamination from the fluids.  The rods are periodically removed cleaned and put back into position.